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Wall Bed

Available with a wide assortment of functionally reactive features, all of our Wall Beds and Couches are 100% domestically made are Commercial Construction Quality.


    No Shelves / With Custom Shelves and Cabinets / With Custom Couch

  • - Designed, built and installed for any size mattress :

  • - German manufactured pistons and bed frame:

  • - Pistons selected to fit mattress size/weight:

  • - Fits any 12” thick mattress (standard is 8”), Gable Thinkness ¾" to 1½":

  • - Specific to Custom Couch Option:

    Commercial Grade Frame and Fabric - Removable & Washable Fabric - Couch Available With or Without Arms - Couch Back Becomes Bed Headboard - Costumers Own Material [COM] Available

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